2018 December Kmart Collectors Day: CASE CONTENTS REVEALED

12/12/2018 — Collectors that ordered their cases online early Sunday morning for the upcoming Kmart Collectors Day have started to receive them as early as yesterday. The cases are, in fact 2019 “B” case assortments — as initially reported. With the event — which was originally planned for November — shifting to mid-December, these cases are no longer the freshest assortments as evidenced by the “C” case “first-to-market” cars included in them. Even with that, Kmart had no problems selling out their initial allotment as collectors with no Kmarts around them feverishly bought cases with aspirations of sending in for the VW Drag Truck mail-in promo — the last mail-in for 2018, I think…

OTD reader, Jason Strain was kind enough to share his photos of what he pulled from his “BA” case. Photos are below. Thank you, Jason!

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  1. Disappointinted, opened my 2 cases and no treasure or supers in either case.All the cars i have seen already. Opened sixty cars to send off.

  2. By far The lamest k day case of the year. I received 2 yesterday not 1 supe, nor even a basic green skyline nor even a basic hunt not that those matter much. The recolors also suck, only keeping the fairlady and a few nomads the rest are being returned to target since i have several reciepts so at least i will get almost all of my $ back minus the few cars i am keeping think only like 15 out of the 72 cars i received

  3. Alot like the last k day cases. 20-something at the store we went to. not a single regular hunt and less than a handful of $TH. But then again, they’re not “participation trophy” hunts…..

    • Nail on the head there. You don’t get a super just for showing up. Nice to see a couple at the event, but proves they aren’t in every case.

  4. I got 2 cases yesterday 2 already pick up most of the cars from Walmart and Target. Not much to talk about. Will donate the rest to charity. Merry Christmas

  5. Hell yeah im a cheap as, its xmas time and was lucky my old lady even let me purchase 1 k day case let alone 2… I only want 1 mail in drag truck but have enough for almost 4 if it was a drag bus i would be cashing in

  6. As far as “local collectors” it is pretty much my buddy and I who frequent our local stores and actually hunt and dig thru huge dump bins not pallet raid like some collectors . so not a big deal im my small area opf like 3 stores….

    • I literally gave up on finding things in the store. Its been more than frustrating to go to walmart at 8 pm. Nothing there then employees say whats out is what we got. Then go in at 630 before work and lo and behold 8 cases of cars pillaged more than likely @ 9 pm i just gave up. And bought what i want on ebay. It sucks it just takes the fun out of the hobby to have so many leechs pallet raid and sell. Yes i know buying on ebay supports it. But it has just become cheaper to buy than hunt

  7. I received my cases from Kmart on Wednesday, 12/12. All four cases arrived factory sealed. The very first thing I noticed when I opened the first case was a hole where the 36th car should have been. The other three cases had all 36 cars. Any guesses what the missing car was? Or where it ended up? Sure, it could have been any mainline. But I’m betting it was a Super and it was one of many that end up on eBay from sellers located in certain Southeast Asian countries.

    • Damn shawn that blows bro!! I would of contacted k mart and seen if you could of received a full or partial refund , im pretty sure it was the skyline supe since its JDM and i have also seen tons on ebay from over seas well before the case release . Well lets hope some of us pull a supe come tomm morn i will be at k day with my wife and son so ill have 3 cases to crack , decent odds and if there are enough cases and not alot of peeps maybe a few extra cases like last k day, i cracked 6 at the store !! pulled 2 cruelle supes , not bad

  8. Well Kmart Day was a flop here. For one it went from about 6 people in the past to about 20. Out of 6 cases only treasure hunts no super and 1/4 had nothing. We got to open 4 boxes. Needless to say they had a pile yet to sell because the cars were in binds at other stores. Well it was nice at least getting the family out for the morning. That made it worth it.

  9. Just got an e-mail from Kmart. The Kday cases are back in stock! When I checked, I noticed that the cases from the previous Kday are also back in stock! Too bad they were all such a disappointment.

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