KMART COLLECTORS DAY: December 8, 2018

11/2/2018 — Good news! Another Kmart Collectors Day is coming. This event (traditionally held in November) is following suit of the last event, dropping back a couple weeks. The next event will be held December 8, 2018 at 9AM local time. The cases will feature 2019 “B” case assortment cars with three “first-to-market” “C” case releases and the last four 2018 releases which will be the exclusive colors for this event — list is below.

For those that have never been to a Kmart event before, it dates back to 2004 when collectors were allowed to go through sealed cases with exclusive color variations, reserved for event. Traditionally, you arrive at your Kmart before 9AM on that date and you get a ticket (in the area of the store holding the event). When your ticket is called, you follow the rules set forth by that store as to how many cars you can choose.

As far as participating stores, I know the list is dwindling as many stores close. For those like me where there isn’t a Kmart within reasonable driving distance, I will post the link to the cases online (when they become available) >> HERE.

Keep checking back as this page will be continually updated as details become available.


2018 HW SPEED GRAPHICS: Fairlady 2000 (white)

2018 HW FLAMES: Classic ’55 Nomad (pale yellow)

2018 HW ART CARS: HW Ford Transit Connect (red)

2018 HW EXOTICS: Exotique (black)



Volkswagen Drag Truck


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  1. I drove to the last kday in idaho. We drove 4 hours and not 1 person at the event even got 1 super. We were very sad. Hope they get the ratio figured out better.

    • Wow Mr. Allen that’s hardcore, sad you went so far and didn’t get Super, well in Bham.Al. Kmarts left but I could save you gas next time to let you know I deal(,Thanks-Smith’ Hot wheels guy’.

  2. Thanks for the head’s up. I will be going to the hotwheels K-Day event on Saturday December 8TH and I will be getting the 4 K-Day exclusive car’s and the mail-in classic Volkswagen drag truck.👍

  3. I’ve never gone to a K-day due to other things going on, but have bought the cases on line and I have never gotten a TH, let alone a STH.

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