KMART COLLECTORS DAY: February 17, 2018 (UPDATED 2/12)

02/09/2018 — The next Kmart Collectors Day comes with little notice as its only a week from tomorrow. On Saturday, February 17, 2018, collectors will once again make the seemingly longer pilgrimage to a local Kmart to open brand-new cases with other area collectors in search of new cars, #Kmart Exclusives and of course #Treasure Hunts. Starting this Sunday, February 11, Kmart should have these cases for sale via their website. OTD will post the link >> HERE << when it becomes live.

UPDATED 02/11/2018 – Added LINK to online cases and first-to-market cars.

For this installment of Kmart Collectors Day, there will be four exclusively-colored vehicles from the #2018 Hot Wheels mainline. They are listed below.

UPDATED 02/12/2018 – Kmart responds to the cases being sold out already…

Per our toy team, the vendor shipped only a small percentage of our allotment on time. We got just under 600 cases and they were sold out in the very early hours of Sunday morning. We have over 2400 cases on their way to the warehouse now and expect them to be up for sale no later than Wednesday this week.


’68 Chevy Nova (yellow) – 2018 HW Flames

Corvette C7 Z06 (silver) – 2018 Then and Now

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR (silver) – 2018 Then and Now

Carbonator (transparent green) – 2018 Experimotors


Dodge Charger Drift (white) – 2018 HW Metro
Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo (white) – HW Exotics
Nissan Fairlady Z (white) – HW Speed Graphics

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  1. Cases have been removed from their site now. At least I have 1 close enough to drive to, but it’s the only 1 in the STL metro period.

    • It appears they will have the online cases back up for sale no later that Wednesday, the 14th (tomorrow) … the event is Saturday, the 17th.

    • Yes sir! Put in on the OTD Facebook page just under an hour ago. Hopefully all that missed out the first-go-round will be able to get them this time.

  2. My local K-Mart isn’t on the list of participating stores. Will the exclusive cars eventually end up at all Kmarts? Or do I need to buy a case online to get that Nova? Thanks for keeping us informed.

    • The past couple years they have been Feb, Sept & Nov. So if schedule remains the same, there won’t be another event until Sept.

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