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Retail Now: 2018 Pop Culture / Nestlé Series hits at a Target in Texas

01/10/2018 — It appears the first Hot Wheels #Pop Culture series of 2018 has officially shown up at retail. The 2018 Nestlé Movie Theater Candy Series was found today at a Target in San Antonio, TX by Jesse Kemp. It marks the return of the ’81 Ford Fairmont — although you can’t race this one due to the #Real Riders — and is the first time the A-Team van is under its casting name, “Custom GMC Panel Van”, which features a RUNTS livery. The ’65 Ford Ranchero, ’64 Chevy Nova Delivery and ’71 Plymouth Satellite are all collector favorites as well. Thanks for the heads up, Jesse! We will be on the search for these.

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Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Pop Culture / Nestle Series Finds by Jesse Kemp (San Antonio, TX) at Target on 01-10-2018. Image used with permission.

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