Turns out Hot Wheels collectors are huge fans of Discovery Channel’s show, Fast N’ Loud. In 2017, collectors gobbled up the first two Gas Monkey Garage cars that Hot Wheels has produced: the #’68 Corvette – Gas Monkey Garage and the #Gas Monkey Garage Monster Truck — I can only imagine the mass hysteria the Hi-Po Hauler will cause when it is finally released at in 2018.

In the 2018 #Monster Jam #Epic Additions Series, the #GMG Monster Truck makes its second appearance, though its hard to notice considering the truck looking nearly identical to its 2017 release.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Gas Monkey Garage Monster Truck from the 2018 Monster Jam / Epic Additions Series (side view)

As part of the 2018 #Epic Additions Series, the #GMG Monster Truck comes with a “Re-Crushable Car” oppose to the 2017 release which came with a team flag. Collectors have had much more success finding the 2018 release as many have taken to social media to report their finds — and any excitement that goes along with said find.

While the excitement is mostly contained to the truck itself, I was excited to see the new “add-on” to the 2018 #Monster Jam trucks be the re-crushable car. Back in the day, long before Hot Wheels made #Monster Trucks, I used to take another brand’s monster trucks and run them over Hot Wheels cars I had smashed with a hammer, and spray-painted blue (to mimic the cars that monster trucks crush). This is by far a better alternative so kudos to the designer on the Monster Jam team that came up with this idea.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Gas Monkey Garage Monster Truck from the 2018 Monster Jam / Epic Additions Series (w/ GMG Midas Monkey ’68 Corvette)

So far the Hot Wheels / #Gas Monkey Garage partnership has paid off producing these two great castings, and with the Hi-Po Hauler coming, you can add a third GMG vehicle that collectors will go nuts for. The #GMG Monster Truck is out now, along with the #2018 Hot Wheels #Night Burnerz Series #GMG ’68 Corvette in blue (w/ flames). Pick it up and let us know what you think!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Lime Green Body (metal). Black Cage. Clear Windows. Lime Green BKT Monster Truck Wheels. Chrome Base (plastic). Made in Thailand. Toy# FLW83. Released in 2018 as #2 of 15 in the Monster Jam / Epic Additions Series.

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  1. I am disappointed at the lack of detail on the GMG monster truck Flag or Epic edition. Lack of correct superbee side stripe and no front and rear fascia detail at all, c’mon at least make it somewhat true to the real version!

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