Last batch of Walmart ZAMACs is here

09/25/2017 — Hot on the heels of the Forza / “P” case dump bins, comes the last three #Walmart Exclusive ZAMACs which are starting to appear at U.S. Walmarts as part of a Spider-man Homecoming (sigh) / “Q” case dump bin. This will surely be a hunted assortment due to the popularity of the ’67 Camaro — even with its sealed hood and plastic base. So, if these are the last three ZAMACs you need for the year, get out there and hunt! Special thanks to Hot Wheels hunter/collector, James Elliot for supplying the pictures of his Hot Wheels haul at the Walmart in Shawnee, Oklahoma! The #ZAMACs are as follows:

  • #16 – Blast Lane (HW MOTO)
  • #17 – Custom Ford Bronco (SURF’S UP)
  • #18 – ’67 Camaro (CAMARO FIFTY)

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