The #Former AcceleRacers continue to be released in the Hot Wheels mainline 10 years after they first infiltrated it. After the demise of the #AcceleRacers line in 2006, these 36 vehicles found their way into several Hot Wheels lines which (for fans of the castings) was a rather fortunate move considering the Hot Wheels history with past specialty lines. Granted, these did fit the mainline well versus the other lines where that wasn’t the case.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Piledriver from the 2017 HW Daredevils series (rear)

The Hot Wheels #Piledriver returns to the mainline, after a 10-year absence, for this year’s installment of the #HW Daredevils series. Since 2009, the Piledriver has been in 5-pack purgatory as all five of its releases from 2009 to 2016 have come via 5-pack. Its a great casting but one that many have a hard time paying the $5+ for every time they come across it.

Fast forward to this year’s release as its great to get one for under a buck again as part of the #2017 Hot Wheels mainline. The red, yellow & black color really works on this #Unlicensed Hot Wheels off-road-looking, rat-rod. I’m not 100% sure why I like the Piledriver, but I think it has to do with the details. When #Terry Choy Designed this car, he gave it a huge, exposed V-10 engine, an arcing roll-cage, fender flares that are riveted on, elongated quad-exhaust in the rear, and some crazy “Acceleron technology” on the sides. Its just one of those cars that looks fast & loud, while sitting still.

While it may be time to pick up some of the variants I missed along the way, if you like this release, make sure you check the pegs now at your favorite retail outlet as this one is showing up as part of the #2017 Hot Wheels mainline “J” case assortment.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Yellow Body (plastic). Red Engine/Interior. Black Roll Cage. Gray Open-Hole 5-Spoke (OH5) Wheels. Black Base (metal). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DTY64. Released in 2017 as #10 of 10 in the HW Daredevils series (#209/365 in the 2017 mainline).

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