9th Annual Mexico Hot Wheels Collector’s Convention CAR REVEALED!

09/02/2016 — Facebook user, Armin Golden Luis has revealed that the exclusive car for the 9th Annual Mexico Hot Wheels Collector’s Convention is the ’66 TV Series Batmobile. The convention will apparently be held November 10-13 this year in Mexico City.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.52.37 AM

Collectors that are unable to make the trip, need not worry as the convention cars for this convention typically go on sale on the convention’s website prior and are shipped a couple weeks after. Event organizer, Richard Zauceda has sent out a PRIVATE SALE LINK for those looking to buy. You pay in advance and the ’66 Batmobiles will begin shipping the week of November 16. Pricing is $40 for each Batmobile and $5 for shipping ($15 for international shipping) … it is limited to 5,000 pcs.

NOTE: Collectors have been noting that the shipping (for U.S. customers) is $11.99. Those same collectors have contacted Richard about the shipping pricing error and he has told them that he will refund the $6.99 difference when the cars ship in November.

UPDATE 10/01/2016 — The sale page is now live on the Convention’s website.

UPDATE 09/27/2016 — These are on sale now if you follow the PRIVATE SALE LINK … its links to event organizer Richard Zauceda’s PayPal. Also added pricing and shipping details.

UPDATE 09/06/2016 — According to HWC Gary on (HWC), his sources have told him that this will not be available for sale at HWC.

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