Hot Wheels Garage 30-Car Set: PASS’N GASSER

Chalk it up to a creative name, chalk it up to flatulence, the Hot Wheels Pass’n Gasser has a name that not only applies to the race track but also to your uncle–you know, that one that thinks of farting as a skill level.

In a 2008 interview, Hot Wheels Designer Larry Wood (designer of the Pass’n Gasser) said that designers often name their creations with a name they figure will change once legal and marketing get their hands on it so he was very much surprised when his latest gasser project he deemed, “Pass’n Gasser” was actually approved “as-is”.

Introduced as part of the 2008 New Models, the name “Pass’n Gasser” seemed to be as big of a hit with collectors as the hot rod this gasser was styled after. The Pass’n Gasser was originally released in purple, and was quickly followed by yellow, black & green colorways. These four variations definitely cemented the casting as a fixture in the 2008 mainline and paved the way for its very first premium release in 2009–as a bonus car in Larry’s Wood’s Garage 21-Car Set.

The very next year, while being a staple of the mainline, the Pass’n Gasser was part of the Hot Wheels Garage (in Larry’s segment of course). The Hot Wheels Garage represented cars the designers would love to have (or have already) in their personal garages. All vehicles were given metal body / metal base treatments along with real rider tires. The Pass’n Gasser had three solo blister card releases while an additional color variant was included in the Hot Wheels Garage 30-Car Set at the end of the year. This set was exclusive to Toys R Us and contained this yellow Pass’n Gasser.

Passn Gasser - 10 HW Garage 30 Car Set copy

RELEASE DETAILS: Yellow Body. No Windows. Chrome Interior/Engine. Chrome Real Rider 5-Spoke (RR5SP) Wheels w/ “Goodyear” Tampo on Back Tires. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# R1788. Released in 2010 as part of the Hot Wheels Garage 30-Car Set.

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