Night Breed 5-Pack: TOYOTA CELICA

We’ve reach the summit of #Night Breed Week here at Diecast Motorsports. This series has been great and has spawned several other future ideas. We conclude #Night Breed Week with the car I feel is the pinnacle of the Night Breed 5-Pack, the Toyota Celica. I eluded to it earlier in the week; this was the version of the Toyota Celica that led me to start collecting the casting.

Not many people are fans of brightly-colored windows on Hot Wheels cars, but for some reason this one works. Call it contrast, call it whatever, the orange windows look great against the matte black paint on top and jive with the orange PR5 wheels–not to mention that satin blue “bottom-half” of the car just completes the design.

The Hot Wheels Toyota Celica casting was based off of the TRD Concept Celica by Toyota. Hot Wheels Designer, Phil Riehlman did a great job capturing the essence of the Toyota Celica and in some ways even enhanced it. Its looks as though the Toyota Celica is no longer being produced by Hot Wheels as the last one was released in 2011 as a multi-pack exclusive. With about 15 versions the casting had a great run. Look for other versions of this casting to be featured here at Diecast Motorsports. Comment and let us know which one you want to see next!

Empty floor with modern city skyline

RELEASE DETAILS: Matte Black / Satin Blue Body (metal). Orange-Tinted Windows. Gray Interior. Orange PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in China. Toy# B3637. Released in 2004 as part of the Night Breed 5-Pack.

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