Entertainment Line: Simon & Simon ’80 DODGE MACHO POWER WAGON

Sometimes, the life of a casting can be as fragile as that of a human life. Not to compare the two, but anyone that has lost knows how quick things can change. Once, a promising casting from the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line, the ’80 Dodge Macho Power Wagon was straight out of the TV Series: Simon & Simon (shown below). It was slated to be released as part of the 2015 Heritage Line as part of the Real Riders segment but it seems as though the tool (or die) was lost so the Bubble Gunner had to take its place in the lineup. This was discovered during a question posed to HWC Gary (an admin at when it was initially discovered that the Bubble Gunner replaced the ’80 Dodge Macho Power Wagon in the lineup:

zachthehwcollector: Gary do you know if that Power Wagon is being retired or will we see it again in another line?

HWC Gary: I am hearing “lost tool.” No idea if that means someday or never.

UPDATE 05/13/2016: It seems as though the tooling has been found for this casting as it will be released in the 2016 Pop Culture mix for DC Comics, featuring Batman and Superman.

80 Dodge Macho Power Wagon - SimonSimon2 copy

RELEASE DETAILS: Red Enamel Paint on Body (metal). Black Interior. Clear Windows. Black Off-Road Real RidersPreferred Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia.

Here’s a clip of the Simon & Simon ’80 DODGE MACHO POWER WAGON in action:

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