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As Hot Wheels designer, Phil Riehlman broke onto the scene in 1993 when he re-designed the Twin Mill and the Silhouette (along with Bruce Baur). His “big break” came in 1996 when his VW Bus casting became an instant hit with collectors and as a promotional piece. Phil continues to design Hot Wheels to this day.

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The Roadkill DATSUN 240Z is here! Check out the latest collaboration: Hot Wheels x MotorTrend

The latest Hot Wheels collaboration comes in the form of a partnership forged with MotorTrend. The companies put together a package that included before & after releases of the Roadkill “Rotsun”, as well as a year subscription to the MotorTrend streaming service via the app. The offer went […]

Orange Track Diecast

Rod Squad: ’68 CHEVY NOVA

Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels with shark face nose art? I mean, these Hot Wheels with the fighter-plane-inspired artwork are cool. I like them so much I have dedicated a specific tag to them on this site. See: #Shark Face Nose Art. Various Hot Wheels have worn this […]