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As Hot Wheels designer, Phil Riehlman broke onto the scene in 1993 when he re-designed the Twin Mill and the Silhouette (along with Bruce Baur). His “big break” came in 1996 when his VW Bus casting became an instant hit with collectors and as a promotional piece. Phil continues to design Hot Wheels to this day.

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What happened to the DAIRY DELIVERY? Have Hot Wheels Collectors moved on? Should it be retired?

After 20-some-odd-years, love for the Hot Wheels #Dairy Delivery appears to be fading. What’s going on Hot Wheels collectors? Collectors used to periodically post pictures of their Dairy Delivery casting collections like clockwork. There would always be some collector clamoring to include the Dairy Delivery is this series […]

Orange Track Diecast

Rod Squad: ’68 CHEVY NOVA

Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels with shark face nose art? I mean, these Hot Wheels with the fighter-plane-inspired artwork are cool. I like them so much I have dedicated a specific tag to them on this site. See: #Shark Face Nose Art. Various Hot Wheels have worn this […]