Tag: Phil Riehlman Designs

As Hot Wheels designer, Phil Riehlman broke onto the scene in 1993 when he re-designed the Twin Mill and the Silhouette (along with Bruce Baur). His “big break” came in 1996 when his VW Bus casting became an instant hit with collectors and as a promotional piece. Phil continues to design Hot Wheels to this day.

HotWheelsCollectors.com Series 12: BLOWN DELIVERY

When castings are given HotWheelsCollectors.com’s “RLC Treatment” it is considered to be the pinnacle of quality in the Hot Wheels realm. Some castings become collectible and are given the treatment, some castings are resurrected from the redline days, and some castings are simply born into it. The latter […]

Military Rods: ’69 PONTIAC GTO

In 1969, Pontiac released its GTO with a new trim level called, “The Judge” which was oddly enough derived from a comedy routine. Make no mistake as the ’69 Pontiac GTO or “The Judge” was no laughing matter. This beast of raw power and pure muscle car strength […]