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These are vehicles with “8” on them.

Orange Track Diecast

How the 1998 First Editions ESCORT RALLY became a Hot Wheels Collector CULT FAVORITE

If you caught the recent interview with former Hot Wheels & Matchbox Graphic Design, Michael Heralda on @lamleygroup’s Fireside Chat series on Instagram, you’ll know that the 1998 First Editions release of the #Escort Rally was the first car Michael designed the graphics for Hot Wheels. It was […]

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Racing Circuit: DEORA II

The odd duck of the 2017 #Walmart Exclusive, #Hot Wheels Racing Circuit series is certainly the #Deora II. In a series where 9 of the 10 vehicles are American (Chevy/Ford/Buick/Pontiac) #Muscle Cars, this #Unlicensed Hot Wheels “surf truck” casting definitely stands out. Now, I know there were certainly […]

Diecast Motorsports

1998 First Editions: BAD MUDDER

Hot Wheels castings often drive off into the sunset without warning. The Bad Mudder’s lone release (as a 1998 First Edition, shown below) came and went but it wasn’t until a couple years that the rumors started to swirl in regards to its demise. In the world of […]

Diecast Motorsports

2003 First Editions: VAIRY 8

The Vairy 8 is one of those underrated Hot Wheels castings. It is believed to be a customized version of a 1960s Chevrolet Corvair. While its a metal body and metal base casting, it doesn’t perform particularly well on track sets due to its stance which leads to the […]