UP TO SPEED parody on the DEORA II by JayCee Squared

If you’re a fan of the Donut Media series: UP TO SPEED — and love a good parody — you need to check out YouTuber Jaycee Squared‘s video. As far as I am concerned, he killed it, and his Deora II fandom (and knowledge) is off the charts. In fact, his channel has multiple videos that showcase the #Deora II and the #AcceleRacers.

If you read the article I posted yesterday — VIVA LA DEORA II! Why the Deora II is a fan-favorite Hot Wheels casting — you’ll know that the Hot Wheels #Deora II has a cult following. Some of us collectors started collecting the Hot Wheels car over the years and were amazed with how cool the 1:1 is. Other collectors were born into it. Jaycee Squared goes by Justin Curtis when not online, and is from Texas. He was born in 1999, and was one of those kids that grew up watching the #Highway 35 World Race movie, as well as the #AcceleRacers series.


Justin was gracious enough to tell me a little bit more about himself and how he became such a fan of Hot Wheels, and the animated series from the 2000s:

I started collecting Hot Wheels in 2003 when my older cousin introduced them to me at a  grocery store which then led me to one of my favorite movies… Hot Wheels World Race. This movie was THE most popular in my 1st grade year where my friends and I would pretend being the drivers and buy the cars to race them down the slides on the playground. We even borrowed each other’s cars by trading them during school with each other to bring home every other day. My car was the Krazy 8s and my friend’s was the Deora 2, we had some pretty awesome races for 6-year-olds.

That was the point that started my obsession; to watching its sequel movies called AcceleRacers and the Speed Racer 2008 movie that Hot Wheels had partnered to make diecast for. Movies that had Hot Wheels diecast seemed to be at an all time high! And it was that imaginative mindset that was created to want to see more movies one day. But that day never came, of course, and so I lost some of that love for Hot Wheels.

It was not until 2017, after graduating high school, that I rejoined the Hot Wheels collecting scene. It started with a fan game on Roblox that a 3D modeler and YouTuber, ValkenVügen, showed me the Hot Wheels collecting discord and AcceleRacers Reddit.

Justin Curtis, aka “Jaycee Squared”

This was only the start of Justin’s fandom however. He did what seemingly no other person has done, and proceeded to become the first person to cosplay, Vert Wheeler. Fans of HWY35/AcceleRacers will recognize Vert’s name as he was the main character in HWY35 World Race, driving the #Deora II. In AcceleRacers after his beloved Deora II got cut in half, he started driving the Power Rage — yeah, I’ve seen the movies if you’re wondering.

Yes, that is a custom Vert Wheeler, team “TEKU” jacket that Justin is rocking. Before the Houston Legends event in 2019, Justin found himself searching for #AcceleRacers cosplay clothing online, and was disappointed that no one — not even Hot Wheels — has ever sold merchandise from the series — at least not any that fit adults. So Justin took it upon himself to design his own.


What started as a cosplay idea, turned into a merch store on Red Bubble for Justin. He now has over 50 designs including gear for Vert’s teams in the Wave Rippers and TEKU, in addition to Metal Maniacs, Racing Drones, Roadbeasts, and even a Taro Kitano cosplay t-shirt.

Justin’s merch store has gone global with purchases from other HWY35/AcceleRacers fans in Brazil, Australia, Europe, and Mexico. He has made friends with others that share his interest, and that is truly what any hobby is all about. Like me, Justin agrees that Hot Wheels needs to produce the “lost” #AcceleRacers cars in the TEKU #Deora II and Slingshot as he would buy them in a heartbeat.

Thank to Justin — Jaycee Squared — for telling us about himself, and best of luck to you with your YouTube channel and merch store!

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