Nationals Update! The DODGE DEORA CONCEPT is the Leeway Chang Dinner Car

4/7/2021 — The 21st Annual Hot Wheels Collector’s Nationals started today in Atlanta. Among those in attendance is Matthew from the Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels YouTube channel. He showed off his latest convention grab earlier: the #Dodge Deora Concept “Dinner Car”.

With Mattel not traveling to the Nationals event this year due to COVID-19, the dinner was unable to be held. The guest of honor for the dinner — Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Leeway Chang — was not in attendance, and with the dinner cancelled, the #Deora was sold in the souvenir room at the convention instead. It’s worth noting that neither of the souvenir vehicles — the Kool Kombi and the ’83 Silverado 4×4 — have been sold yet.

As one of the Original 16 Hot Wheels, some may be surprised to hear that it has never been a Hot Wheels Collector’s Nationals or Convention exclusive before. The casting is fresh off an opening-round loss in the 2021 RLC sELECTIONs, and hasn’t been produced since 2018 when it was part of the Original 16 Display Set. This release comes to us in (what looks to be) spectraflame magenta, and is limited to 4,000 pieces. Leeway himself actually teased the piece last week, and his picture shows the matte black tonneau cover with what looks to be his name at the bottom.

For nostalgic Hot Wheels collectors, the #Deora was a great choice, and you can bet this collector will be trying to pick one up on the secondary market — along with the other vehicles from this year’s Nationals.

QUICK LINK! Find the 2021 Hot Wheels Nationals vehicles for sale on eBay.

The only unknown vehicles at this time are the Finale vehicle (which most likely will be unveiled on Saturday evening at the Finale Event in Atlanta), and the spectraflame pink “party car” which will be sold exclusively on at a later date.

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