Nationals Update! The Finale Car honors the 25th Anniversary of the VOLKSWAGEN DRAG BUS

4/10/2021 — The 21st Annual Hot Wheels Collector’s Nationals wrapped up today in Atlanta. Among those in attendance was Matthew from the Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels YouTube channel. He posted the event’s final car: the finale #Volkswagen Drag Bus.

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This release of the #Volkswagen Drag Bus honors the 25th Anniversary of one of collector’s most coveted castings. It features the original Hot Wheels flame logo and stick figure driver the 1996 First Edition wore, and comes in a very modern silver/black/red color scheme. Limited to 4,000 pieces, this bus could prove to be a tough get as they were only handed out to Collectors Nationals attendees tonight in Atlanta.

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With the conclusion of the 21st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals today, we now know all four vehicles that were released. This is in addition to the RLC Exclusive Pink “Party” vehicle which will be released in accordance with the event exclusively on at a later date. All five vehicles are noted below:

  1. Kool Kombi (souvenir #1)
  2. ’83 Silverado 4×4 (souvenir #2)
  3. Volkswagen Drag Bus (finale)
  4. Dodge Deora Concept (dinner)
  5. ’66 Chevy Super Nova (RLC exclusive)

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