Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo SUPER TREASURE HUNT starts the 2021 Hot Wheels year off right

The #2021 Hot Wheels “A” cases have officially landed at retail in the United States. Over the weekend, collectors started to ring in the “Hot Wheels New Year” as many posted their finds from Target and Walmart. I was among those collectors as I was shocked to find the latest assortment stocked at my local Target.

Finding the next model year is always a cool experience. For the last 25+ years, it never gets old. New card art, new series, new models … the mainline — the bread & butter off Hot Wheels lines — never ceases to underwhelm. There is always a great assortment of vehicles as this is the most diverse & expansive line Hot Wheels offers — hence the “main” line.

Deeply ingrained within our cultural norms is the notion that a new year offers hope. With the new hope — as it pertains to Hot Wheels — is the chance to score Super #Treasure Hunts. It’s always amazing to see the length collectors go to secure them. For some, they are an instant payday. For others, it’s a chance to secure an arbitrarily “rare” piece. For me, just another chance to add a cool car to my collection.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Nissan 300ZX from the 2021 HW Turbo series (super treasure hunt and common blue variant)

Super #Treasure Hunts are cool — don’t get me wrong. They are cool to look at. When you have the common version of the car next to it: the upgraded paint, wheels, and tampos are always fun to spot. To get all that for $1 is even more special.

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Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Nissan 300ZX from the 2021 HW Turbo series (super treasure hunt and common blue variant)

Paying the reseller upcharge takes away from that. The reality is that the vehicles in the Hot Wheels premium lines are just nicer. Those are metal/metal, have #Real Riders, and full deco is now in play for almost every car. The cool thing about Super Treasure Hunts is that they offer everyday mainline cars the chance to be special — like most Hot Wheels premium releases. My favorite is when you see an unlicensed “fantasy car” get the $TH treatment knowing it isn’t likely that the vehicle will ever appear in premium.

What is also cool to see are newer castings wearing #Real Riders for the first time. The #Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo is likely to be a premium casting one day as it is incredibly popular among collectors. As we await that to happen, this Super #Treasure Hunt release gives us our first look at the casting wearing Real Riders. The #Real Riders 6-Spoke Mag Wheels in chrome shine, and play well with the spectraflame blue paint. And, that rear light deco gives this car a truly premium look.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Nissan 300ZX from the 2021 HW Turbo series (super treasure hunt, rear view)

The #Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo is in the #HW Turbo mini collection for 2021. Its inclusion in the 2021 “A” case assortment makes it the first Super #Treasure Hunt for 2021, and with this assortment hitting at retail now, be on the lookout for this one as I am sure no one will be leaving it behind!

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  1. It is a GREAT LOOKING CAR!! I found it digging thru a fresh case at walmart but the card was destroyed!! Didnt matter. I brought it home with me and opened this beauty. This was my 1st treasure hunt in OVER A YEAR!!!

  2. Another collector tipped me off to some info he had about Winfield walmart, but couldn’t capitalize on. Thought I’d give it a shot and scored 2 supers! Also got the Gulf Silverado and the Baja Bug Transport! Hopefully he reads this and hears my thanks!

  3. Hello I’m new at looking for hotwheels treasure I been to Walmart and dollar stores and it seems like everything been picked through anyone knows when Walmart and dollar stores restock their stores

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