2020 Hot Wheels Collectors Convention CANCELLED; Event Cars ON SALE Today to Ticket Holders

9/20/2020 — There will be no Hot Wheels conventions in 2020. The Hot Wheels Nationals was cancelled back in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite optimism that the collector’s convention would still be held in October, event organizers had to pull the plug when it was reported to the LA County Health Department that the convention was still being held. Below is an excerpt from the email that was sent to ticket holders:

We have had to Cancel the Convention. Even though, we’ve worked diligently with our partners, Mattel and the Marriott LAX, for the past few months, to make sure all CDC Guidelines and protocols were in place and set up for our group to follow, to make sure we could all get together, have some fun and be safe.
Due to a few anonymous phone calls to the hotel and the LA County Health Dept., with complaints about this show happening, we have had to pull the plug and cancel the Convention.

This obviously comes as a huge disappointment to those that look forward to the convention events. Most of the events (including the dinner) had been previously cancelled, and with room-to-room trading being heavily moderated, the convention wouldn’t have been the same regardless. Fortunately, Jennifer & Mark at Collectors Events Unlimited (CEU) have a plan in place to at least get the souvenir cars out to ticket holders.

Starting today, ticket holders can go to the convention web site and purchase the two souvenir cars (’41 Willys Gasser & Custom ’93 Nissan Hardbody D21) as well as what would have been the dinner car (“Dutch Courage” ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser) honoring Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Steve “Van” Vandervate — since dinner tickets were not sold in the first place. The Finale car — along with the additional pre-paid add-ons — will be mailed to ticket holders as well.

The pink RLC Exclusive (commonly referred to as the “party car”) — which is the ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 — will be sold exclusively through

Missed out on the convention cars? Check eBay to grab the extras that collectors are selling: Hot Wheels Convention 2020.

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