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Retail Now: Walgreens the first US Retailer to get in Japan Historics 3?

1/24/2020 — When you’ve reached the trilogy stage, you know that something was generally successful the first two go’rounds. That was the case with the Hot Wheels Car Culture / Japan Historics series. It was #Car Culture OG: the inaugural series that launched the line into epic proportions — from a Hot Wheels collecting standpoint. When JH2 was released two laters later, collectors were buying in bulk based on the popularity of the first series. Now, in the fifth year of the Hot Wheels Car Culture line, JH3 is released.

JH3 has been showing up in Asia and Australia for a couple weeks now. US distributors have gotten the series in as well. Where will it hit first here in the US??? Well, if my find last night was any indication, Walgreens will be getting some in. I have also heard of some collectors finding the series straight-off the pallet at Walmart already. So, if JH3 is your jam and you’re ready to get out and hunt for it, you may want to start checking your local Walgreens and Walmart stores. Best of luck to you, and Happy Hunting!

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  1. I’m looking for the truck. It seems like the he datsuns are ALWAYS missing!! Door slammers and now this one.

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