BEHIND THE SCENES with Eibach & the Hot Wheels Design Team: BMW 2002 from 2020 Car Culture / Doorslammers

12/29/2019 — There is no secret that Hot Wheels #Car Culture is a hit with Hot Wheels collectors. It is also a hit with automotive enthusiasts. So it should come as no surprise that companies like Eibach — a performance suspension and springs manufacturer — are delighted to partner with the Hot Wheels brand. We have seen all kinds of collaborations with Hot Wheels as of late. This one makes perfect sense.

Flashback to the 2019 SEMA show which occurred at the beginning of November in Las Vegas. At Eibach’s booth, they took the collaboration to another level. Eibach built a 1:1 version of the Hot Wheels 2020 Car Culture / Doorslammers series release of the #BMW 2002 to have on display — a car that had actually been wrecked several weeks prior. With it, Eibach handed out approximately 1,000 of the Doorslammers BMW 2002; the same version that is appearing in stores now. There was also a display that shows the process in which Hot Wheels cars are designed.

Judging by the number of views — less than 400 — many of you have not seen the video that Eibach produced. It was posted over a month ago to the company’s YouTube channel and features exclusive behind the scenes interviews with Hot Wheels Designers: Bryan Benedict, Steve Vandervate, and Manson Cheung. You can check that out below!

Another great video was produced by Matthew from Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels on YouTube. You may know Matthew from his case unboxings, but this time Matthew traveled to Eibach’s US-based manufacturing plant in Corona, California and did some interviews with the folks at Eibach. His video is well-produced and is full of great information about the release — a must-watch for sure!

These two videos about the #2020 Hot Wheels #Car Culture / Doorslammers: #BMW 2002 were too good not to share. The videos were posted several weeks ago but judging by the online views many of you have not watched them. Watch them, let me know what you think! Have you found Doorslammers in store yet? Should I feature them here on OTD? If so, which one? You be the judge.

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  1. I was at SEMA and was lucky to get the car. It was also cool to see the whole process of the hot wheel from start to finish.

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