BLACK FRIDAY on Amazon yields two Hot Wheels iD cars (UPDATED 11/29, 12:29PM PST)

11/29/2019 — There was an expectation among collectors of the #Hot Wheels iD line that there would be a new wave hitting on Black Friday in the United States. The iD app was updated yesterday and the Lamley Group showed off new cars he had gotten from Mattel. While that still may be the case, as of mid-day Friday, only two new cars are available for order: the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy and the HW50 Concept. Both of these new Hot Wheels iD vehicles are part of the new segment titled: Moving Forward.

The Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy is a brand new, #First Edition casting and is shipping immediately. The HW50 Concept is available for preorder with shipping beginning on January 1. Absent are the other cars in this 11/29 – 12/1 wave (season 6) which include the Back to the Future Time Machine, BMW i8 Roadster, and ’89 Batmobile. Also, there have been no reports of collectors finding the Audi R8 LMS at Target.

Stay tuned as the expectation is that the other #Hot Wheels iD cars should be hitting very soon!

UPDATED 11/29/2019 at 12:29PM PST — Surprise! The Volkswagen T1-GTR has now popped up for pre-order on Amazon. You can order it now >>> HERE.

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  1. Im sure theyll hit anytime now as amazon canada has the hw50 available to ship immediately along with the jag and the back to the future delorean. Odd it shows jan 2020 for the hw50 as its shipping now in canada.

    • Good question, i’d like to know if WM was getting them also, but by now.. if they were to sell them, they should have had them by now IMO.

  2. Here on Amazon UK I was also able to order the DeLorean along with the Jag, BMW and Batmobile, but only the Jag has shipped so far. Now the Jurassic Park Jeep is up for pre-order for Jan 1st shipping!

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