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Ask Brad #4: Hot Wheels iD Packaging, 2020 New Models, Monster Trucks, RLC & more!

Another round of questions via the #Ask Brad inbox. You guys killed it with some great questions! Keep them coming! Here are your answers: 

Zeus • Chicago, Illinois
Q: With the new Hot Wheels ID release, I have noticed some have “Limited Run Edition” on the package. So far, I have seen these on KITT and the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine. What’s the difference?…they look identical, but I have not yet opened mine to compare?
A: The difference is US packaging versus International packaging. “Limited Run Collectible” is the US version, which you’re most likely getting from Target. The packaging without that, should say “SERIES/SÉRIES 1” when you open the flap. That is the international version. There are other more subtle differences, but those are quick ways to tell the difference. Amazon has been shipping the international packaged vehicles.

John Osbourn • Bellevue, Nebraska
Q: Hey, Brad, do you know how many New Models are in the 2020 Mainline? Also, I’ve got some interesting Hot Wheels news for you: At my local Baker’s store, we are selling a very unique 3 pack of Hot Wheels Character Cars: Frozen 2, 3 Vehicle Set. This set has been on sale all month long, so I just wanted to let you know about it.
A: Thanks for the heads up, John. Before the Frozen 3-Pack appeared in stores, I actually ordered mine on Amazon. As you can now see, I am really digging the Olaf character car that was in it. As far as how many New Models there are in the 2020 mainline — I don’t know — so far we know there will be at least 31. I am not even sure the final number has been confirmed yet as there often tends to be last-minute drops and/or additions. Makes you wonder if the Tesla Cybertruck will make it in for this year…

Mikel • California
Q: What is the #42 of #50 Truck for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks?
A: Great question, Mikel. I have been trying to find the answer to that myself. Its the lone unknown on the OTD 2019 Monster Trucks TRACKER. Whatever it is/was… it looks like it may have been scrapped as the 2020 Monster Trucks have already begun hitting stores. Remember that Retro Bigfoot that was supposed to be a Target Exclusive? That never showed up either.

Mike Daly • Trappe, Pennsylvania
Q: The recolors for the Kroger exclusives: the white Land Rover, the black ’64 Riviera and the red ’56 Ford Pickup … well, I just got them at Target. Does that mean they are Target exclusives? …or a mixup?
A: Technically speaking, in order for Hot Wheels to be exclusive to one store means it should only show up at that retail outlet. There are cases where store exclusive product will show up at an additional retailer — but that is not the case here. I would venture to guess that the reason you found the Kroger exclusives at Target is that someone returned them there. I wouldn’t rule out the chance that your Target could have mistakenly got a case intended for a Kroger store, but that is by far the least likelier of the two scenarios.

Wilbert Johnson • Concordia, Missouri 
Q: Do you have any idea when the car culture box or the suspension Chevy will go on sale?
A: There is no HWC/RLC Car Culture box for 2019. That was a one-time offering in 2017 — at least, for now. As far as the ’69 Chevy C-10 with adjustable suspension, there is no date set for that yet. With sales already planned through December 10, I am willing to guess that it gets bumped into the new year. As always, make sure to check the “Upcoming Sales” page for the latest dates.

Jack • Colorado 
Q: I know you collect Fandangos, have you got any of the Atomix versions? I think there are at least 3 atomix versions, one from the Bling Blings set, Trikked Trucks set, and Burton Snowboards set.
A: Thanks for the info, Jack! I don’t actively collect the Atomix vehicles of my favorite castings. If I do see one for cheap, I will pick it up. So far I think the only ones I have are of the Deora II.

Rob • Canberra, Australia
Q: The ’89 Batmobile (aka Burtonmobile) is easily one of the most varied bat vehicles in 1:64 scale, yet I don’t know if there’s ever been a 1:64 89 Batwing (Batplane). With the arrival of the Animated Batplane in 2020 cases is there a chance we’ll see the ’89 version, or is there some sort of rights issue?
A: I sure hope so! 

Kevin • Florida
Q: Hello, just wondering what, or if anyone knows, what the RLC club points cars will be this year?
A: There are articles on that detail the ITEMS and the DETAILS for the 2019 RLC rewards. Go check them out if you haven’t already!

Despite the delay, THANK YOU ALL for your awesome questions! Keep them coming. To be part of the #Ask Brad segment, please fill out the form below.


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  1. I found Kroger exclusives at a Target here in NJ. I also found some in the shipper at a Dollar General at the grand opening of the store also in NJ. The nearest Kroger is 260 miles away from here. Both situations left me scratching my head as well as happy as I grabbed both the Buick and Ford castings. Love your blog!

  2. Brad appreciate your efforts to get these answered – especially the id question as I’ve been digging for answers as to what’s going on there.

    Is it me or did the original article about id contain something regarding their being chase versions? I tried to find it but oddly it’s been removed. Also didn’t know if you had seen but there are two interiors in the TV series Batmobile (w/ & w/o long console).

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