Frozen Character Car 3-Pack: OLAF

The highly-anticipated, Frozen II (2019) movie comes out today; a long six years after the original. For most kids these days, that was a lifetime ago. Take, for instance, my daughter: she wasn’t even born when the first movie came out. Now at 5-years-old is a self-proclaimed Elsa fanatic while I am definitely more partial to Anna and Olaf. I take an interest in anything that interests her — even Barbie — but the point is: when Hot Wheels makes a crossover product like #Character Cars it’s easier to merge her interests with mine — or vice versa.

A couple months ago, Amazon had the Frozen Character Cars 3-Pack available for pre-order. It was an instant purchase. Not only for my daughter but for myself as well. You can get yours >> HERE.

With all due respect to Anna and Elsa, it was the #Olaf #Character Car that sold me on the 3-Pack for myself. The quirky, loveable snowman was translated into a quirky, fun-size Hot Wheels ice truck by designer, Bryan Benedict.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Disney Frozen Character Car 3-Pack: Elsa, Olaf, and Anna

Bryan managed to take all the fun, loveable aspects of Olaf’s appearance and implement them into the #Character Car design. Most noticeable is probably the ice truck’s hood which is a bright orange which is obviously meant to represent Olaf’s carrot nose. Olaf’s buck teeth feature is carried over in the form of an exposed front radiator, whereas his buttons are the headlights. The curvy & flowing wheel fenders are a nice touch considering they fit the round nature of #Olaf. Plus, fender flares look good on just about every car — even a fictitious ice truck.

Small delivery trucks have always held a soft spot in my heart for whatever reason, and I think that is partially why the #Olaf #Character Car appeals to me from a vehicle design perspective. It really isn’t that far-off from the round delivery trucks that still exist from the ’40s and ’50s. Even the deco on this truck is representative of that era.

So you’re a fan of Olaf too?!?!? Do you love warm hugs?!?!?

Great! You can still grab this Frozen Character Cars 3-Pack containing the #First Edition of the Hot Wheels #Olaf (and Anna) casting. Amazon, of course, has these for $11.99 & free shipping. Also, collectors have reported seeing these in displays at their local grocery store chains. Remember, the holiday season is here and these make great gifts from Hot Wheels collectors to young kids: one for them, one for me. 😉 If waiting for the single release is more your jam, this metal/metal Olaf casting will be coming out in the #2020 Hot Wheels #Character Cars line as well.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Olaf from the 2020 Disney Frozen Character Car 3-Pack

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