FIRST LOOK at what is inside those Hot Wheels x GameStop Collectors Day Cases…

10/29/2019 — ONLINE CASE SALES for the November 2nd Hot Wheels x GameStop Collector’s Day Event went on sale last week. For many collectors, these online sales of special 36-count event cases are a way of securing the exclusives ahead of time before traveling to the event. Dating back to the collector day events at Kmart and Target, travelling to one of these events can be a bit of an unknown as your local event is usually only as good as the store’s ability to execute.

With the last event of 2019 taking a detour through GameStop, many collectors have expressed their doubts in their local GameStop’s ability to hold what they deem a “fair” event. Come November 2nd, collectors (and GameStop) should get some sense of if they want these to continue.

ONLINE CASES are still for sale. That’s great for collectors as many recall missing out on online Kmart case sales when those would last about an hour or so. Fast & free shipping is another positive. With that, some collectors in Texas started receiving their cases as early as today since these shipped from GameStop’s distribution center in Fort Worth, TX. Now here comes the negative (unfortunately). These cases are NOT factory-sealed as GameStop has taken the liberty of opening the cases and inserting a return label and a coupon — joy…

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Case Contents WITH ONLINE RETURN LABEL for the 2019 GameStop Collector Event (November 2019)

The arch-nemesis of the Hot Wheels collector-base is the store employee (or factory worker) who gets to the case before they even hit the sales floor: removing super treasure hunts. The fact that these cases were already opened at the GameStop distribution center is certainly going to leave a sour taste in collectors’ mouths if super treasure hunts seem few and far between — let’s just hope there are not multiple listings on eBay for the HW Race Day: Ford GT $TH coming out of Forth Worth.

Either way — super or no super — this is still a great case and well-worth the $46.44 GameStop was charging. Remember, supers are often few and far between regular 72-count cases, so there should be no expectation to get one when ordering these. Below is a picture (and a list) of what was found in one of the cases today. The case contains vehicles from the 2020 Hot Wheels “A” & “B” case assortments, with the 4 color-exclusives being from 2019, and the 3 first-to-market vehicles from the 2020 “C” case assortment.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Case Contents for the 2019 GameStop Collector Event (November 2019)

GameStop November 2019 Case Contents

  • Jaguar XE SV Project 8 • Blue 
    FACTORY FRESH (2019 #) GameStop Exclusive!
  • Indy 500 Oval • Aqua-Green
    SPEED BLUR (2020 #025)
  • Roller Toaster • Aqua
    FAST FOODIE (2020 #039)
  • Diaper Dragger • Turquoise
    HW METRO (2020 #008)
  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog 1300 TH • Black
    HW METRO (2020 #033)
  • Gruppo x24 • White
    TRACK STARS (2020 #)
  • Road Bandit • Yellow
    HW METRO (2020 #007) 
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32) • Dark Gray
    HW TURBO (2020 #002) 
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo • White
    PORSCHE (2020 #044)
  • Ford GT-40 • Gulf Blue
    HW RACE DAY (2020 #035) 
  • Heavy Hitcher • Dark Blue
    EXPERIMOTORS (2020 #030)
  • ’91 Mazda MX-5 Miata • British Racing Green
    HW SPEED GRAPHICS (2019 #) GameStop Exclusive!
  • ’19 Ford Ranger Raptor • Silver
    HW HOT TRUCKS (2019 #) GameStop Exclusive!
  • 2005 Ford Mustang • Yellow
    HW DREAM GARAGE (2020 #019)
  • ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona • Orange
    HW FLAMES (2019 #) GameStop Exclusive!
  • HW Warp Speeder • Light Blue
    TRACK STARS (2020 #026)
  • Porsche 917 LH • Dark Blue
    PORSCHE (2020 #045) 
  • RV There Yet • Red/White
    TOONED (2020 #037) 
  • Octane • Red
    HW SCREEN TIME (2020 #013)
  • ’85 Honda City Turbo II • Silver
    HW RACE DAY (2020 #011)
  • BMW K 1300 R • Green
    FACTORY FRESH (2020 #) First-to-Market!
  • ’76 Greenwood Corvette • Gold
    HW RACE DAY (2020 #034)
  • HW Armored Truck • Chrome
    HW METRO (2020 #031) 
  • ’96 Porsche Carrera • Black
    PORSCHE (2020 #) First-to-Market!
  • Pedal De Metal • Purple
    X-RAYCERS (2020 #042) 
  • Land Rover Series III Pickup • Mint Green
    BAJA BLAZERS (2020 #003)
  • Night Shifter • Matte Black
    HW RACE DAY (2020 #012)
  • Carbonator • Black
    FAST FOODIE (2020 #017)
  • Custom ’71 El Camino • Gray
    HW DREAM GARAGE (2020 #)
  • ’68 Chevy Nova • Matte Green
    ROD SQUAD (2020 #) First-to-Market!
  • Wheelie Chair • Black
    HW RIDE-ONS (2020 #022)
  • HW450F • Yellow
    BAJA BLAZERS (2020 #)

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  1. You make some great points Brad, it will be interesting to see if this GameStop partnership will last. I only have 2 locations participating in my area.,.a very small percentage compared to the number of actual locations here. I was lucky enough to come across a fresh dump bin being put out two weeks ago. I opened 9 cases and found only one super, one is all I needed but it puts into perspective how few and far between they are under normal case circumstances. Good luck to all!!

  2. The fact that gamestop still have cases on sale online is great news. My 4 cs will be here this Thursday. I will also attend the event at concord, ca. How will this event be carried out? At kmart, we all got a ticket. At 9am ticket numbers were called out. Collector with that ticket got a box to go through til all boxes were passed out. Could you post gamestops plan before Saturday? Thank you

    • Got my case today. Exactly as pictured AAA casecode. Reg. But no super. Did get a nice Jaguar base offset error.

  3. I just recieved my box from gamestop and I’m very disappointed!! Not because of what is in it but they way it was shipped to me. No padding, no box over the hws case. Just a hot wheels case arrived at my door. They didnt sent a receipt with my order so does anyone know if you can use the packing list for the mail in?

  4. Good service on the delivery. Ordered early Sunday morning and it arrived Tuesday before noon. I have ordered 100’s of cases before and this is the first one I didn’t get a super or regular TH. In the past I have always gotten at least one TH in each box. Makes me wonder what is going on. Will not go to local event. Also I notice that the special colors do not have numbers on the card.. What happened there? Thanjks for good service Gamestop.

  5. Received my case in Southern NJ today. It is EXACTLY the same as your picture. There is only 1 store near me doing the event on Saturday. The store manager said they would be giving out numbers early and they were expecting 10 cases.

  6. Mine had 17 different cars than what you show in yours. No TH or STH. Mine also arrived as-is, not in another box and was re-taped. Good thing i found most of the B case at Walmart the day before.

  7. There are two different case codes AAA is what is shown. AAB has different cars including the Porsche 944, Mazda Rx7, and Subaru Impreza

  8. i just received my case today 10/31 was shipped in original box , with brown tape on the bottom, i was furious seeing the factory seal was broked but made sense since they jammed a coupon and packing slip inside, seems like the person packing didnt even fully open case just slide paperwork in flaps and resealed, but i opened it and my son pulle the ford GT super and also the basic unimog TH !! So you can pull supes from these just luck of the draw

    • I had AAB cases and notta treasure at all. Did get the Legend’s winner car so that was nice, but not happy to see the case with brown tape on it. Not much I could do though

  9. Super weak move of GameStop to break the factory seal on our case. I’m very surprised someone reported a $TH.

    • No. You buy what you want for $1.29 each. Remember other store like Walmart and Target will get these and you will only pay .99 cents. Buy the exclusive if you want. Walmart eventually gets them all.

  10. haaaa haaaa no not a gmaestop employee, heck i dont even own a game system at all and only step foot in a gamestop as of last year when they were getting the black and gold cars, lol maybe my case was default and im the only one to pull a super in the entire nation, if thats the case i should play the lottery tonight…. case code was AA

    • I also was lucky to find a super in my case and picked up the mainline version in store. seemed kinda lame selection instore once you already received you own case prior.

  11. Great event at GameStop in Houston, 10 cases there, we found a STH and a few TH; everyone left with something they like
    The STH gt40 is just superb!

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