We know the 2019 Hot Wheels “Q” case store exclusives; Where will they show up? (UPDATED 9/30)

9/24/2019 — The next batch of Hot Wheels store exclusives will be the Electro Silhouette (HW Green Speed, Light Blue), #Range Rover Velar (Factory Fresh, White), #Custom ’56 Ford Truck (Rod Squad, Dark Red) and ’64 Buick Riviera (HW Art Cars, Black). We now know that! The question remains: where will these show up?

Hot Wheels and Kmart have seemingly parted ways from the triannual Kmart Collectors Days which have been a collector-favorite event for the last 15 years. Recent events, however, have been soured by the lack of Kmarts, after many have closed. Collectors had been forced to drive longer distances and face stiffer competition for a chance to open the special cases. In all, most events were actually very well run with an occasional hiccup from time to time.

These store exclusives — which I believe were originally done for the Kmart event — will appear at a new retailer in October. Sources indicate that this mystery retailer will be Kroger due to the strong relationship the grocery store chain (and its affiliates) have had with Mattel. Will we see another in-store event like Kmart had, or will these just be pegged exclusives like Kroger has done in the past? Time will tell. Whatever the case may be, look for these four exclusives to start showing up at Kroger stores soon.

UPDATED 9/30/2019 — These cars have started showing up at Kroger stores over the weekend. It looks like there will be no event, as these will just be pegged. Also, there is a mail-in starting in October associated with this. It will be for the ’64 Dodge 330. Look for the official dates for that, soon.

Orange Track Diecast

2019 Hot Wheels Store Exclusives for Q case: Electro Silhouette, Range Rover Velar, Custom ’56 Ford Truck and ’64 Buick Riviera

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    • krogers that figures as usual mattel doesn’t care about the northeast as there are no krogers within 800 miles of us

  1. Cool!!! 3 out of 4 look really nice… especially that Range Rover! Maybe they’ll also participate in the mail-Ins similar to the way TRU conducted them.

  2. Cool!!! 3 out of 4 look really nice… especially that Range Rover! Maybe they’ll also participate in the mail-Ins similar to the way TRU conducted them. I can’t really see a grocery store hosting an event, as most Krogers don’t have room to properly do this.

  3. Well that sucks. Only one of the Kmarts in my area closed, there’s still a lot around me. Kroger on the other hand? Nearest one is 180 miles away.

  4. Yes, please not Kroger…no stores in the entire northeast, don’t see how this would be a logical option for the masses.

  5. So is it true though.. Kmarts won’t officially be hosting anymore HW’s KDays events? Seems like the ‘1st’ event would have happened already, or by this weekend, but the last time or two had the first event starting in October.

    It’s a shame how Sears/Kmart couldn’t keep up with the times which created their demise. TRU Kids is supposed to open stores next year, with 2 stores opening sometime by the end of this year. Maybe if the stores get up & running, they can collaborate with Mattel to possibly take on the ritual of collector events like Kmart used to do… never been to one, but I heard how terrible Target performed with their gigs.

  6. That really sucks I don’t even know if California has Kroger’s I know I’ve never seen one here. Why wouldn’t they have it at a store that is all over USA?

    • Since it is Kroger’s, do we know will we be able to buy cases online from there website or is it just get lucky when they put them out. Doesn’t sound like it’s going to be like a Kmart day. Sounds like they will put them out when they get them.

  7. Please not Kroger. I don’t have Kroger or any store related to Kroger where I live New York. Please have them be available at any other stores please. And please have the mail-in be at target again or at Walmart please. Don’t have the mail-in be at Kroger either please. Those 4 new exclusive cars are all awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for all 4 of those and I can’t wait to add all 4 of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  8. the closest one to where i live is 170 miles away. i’m not driving that far for these cars. it needs to be a store that’s actually nation wide not select regions of the county.

  9. It sounds like everyone else on this site has a problem with Kroger. I for one can say I am thrilled to hear these may end up being Kroger exclusives. I have had horrible luck finding the Kmart exclusives over the years. And it certainly hasn’t helped that these stores have been slowly disappearing from the landscape over the years to the point where they have now become extinct in my region. I have on the other hand been able to find most of the Kroger exclusives I’ve been looking for at the Kroger affiliate in Oregon.

    On a side note, although there are multiple Target locations around me, their exclusive have proved to be near-impossible to find.

  10. Sorry Folks, It’s going to be Kroegers, I found all 4 of the exclusive colors at a Fred Meyer store here in Idaho, they are a Kroegers affiliate, they also had the mail in coupon on the display

  11. And today I tried to purchase 20 hot wheels on They don’t ship to our zip code. Nice… way to go guys. Open mouth, insert foot.

  12. I have found two displays in Southwest Portland. Found the “67 Camaro TH, the White Range Rover, Metallic Red Ford truck, and other great one’s

  13. Target would be better to take this on and do events in store. Fairly distributed for everyone too. I thought there event last year went well.

  14. I live in Minnesota and there are no Krogers or affiliates. So where am I supposed to get these?! At least go with a store that’s all over or have a few main retailers to hold events. My family’s collecting days is are slowly drifting away.

  15. Found all of the exclusives in 4-sided shipper at Fred Meyer yesterday along with 2 first to market 2020 models; silver Honda City Turbo II and green Tooligan. The Velar and City were the only two I was interested in. Though I have to say, that Ford pickup looks even nicer in person. Has a beautiful fine metallic red paint job.

  16. I finally found the display today and it was full of N case cars not a single Q case or any of the Kroger exclusives. Thanks a lot Mattel for nothing.

  17. King Soopers in Colorado is using old stock for the promotion. I have visited 7 stores and found 1 with the Black Q Case display and loaded with 2019 N Case cars. All the other store have old blue shippers with even older cars.

    • I have been to 10 Kroger’s and only 1 had the correct Q mix in it. Come on Mattel who is packing these displays?

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