Hot Wheels Display Case with ’71 DATSUN 510, NOW ON AMAZON!

8/30/2019 — If you’ve been trying to track down the latest #Datsun Bluebird 510 released exclusively in the latest version of the Hot Wheels #Display Case, look no further than Amazon. Currently its listed at the standard retail price of $49.99, but the kicker is that it comes with FREE SHIPPING which is the true benefit when ordering from Amazon.


Orange Track Diecast

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  1. This is pretty much the same design case as the first release w/the Chevy P/U right?,, except this has the new Bluebird 510?

    Anyhow, i wonder if it’ll arrive unscathed due to the fact cheapo Amazon won’t ship items safely with packing materials. Oh well, it’s a gamble I guess.

  2. Got mine today! The shelves are a light grey solid color instead of transparent like the first version. Other than that it’s the same. Mine came packaged in an amazon box in addition to the mattel packaging

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