Cars from the 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention CONTINUE TO IMPRESS

4/5/2019 — How are THESE for cars meant for some of the most serious of Hot Wheels collectors? It takes some serious time and money to attend Hot Wheels conventions as they involve travel, lodging costs, food and of course a personal reserve of funding for souvenir cars and making purchases in the signature buy/sell/trade room-to-room activity. Oh, and there is another one in six months…

So while attending conventions may not be in everyone’s budget, Mattel has really went out of its way to reward convention attendees of this one with special cars, including one of the most detailed cars EVER!

The “dinner car” which was sold at last night’s dinner celebrating the career of Hot Wheels Designer & 3D Sculptor, Manson Cheung, is actually not a new tool — despite its opening features. Rather, it is actually the second release of the casting that was first/last used for the 2012 RLC Exclusive release. This brand-new convention release barely made it on time for the convention, but the rush-shipping on Mattel’s behalf was met with delight when dinner attendees were struck with awe as this is the first time Mattel has ever produced a car with a “brushed ZAMAC” finish — to mimic the look of the stainless steel body of the actual DeLorean.

Orange Track Diecast

Mason Cheung Dinner Exclusive ’81 DeLorean DMC-12 from the 2019 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention. Photo by Paul Saunders, used with permission.

The extensive detail didn’t stop there however. The graphics on this car (designed by HW Graphic Designer, Steve Vandervate) were done to replicate the actual graphics on Manson’s 1:1 DeLorean — complete with window graphics and black stripe on fuel door. In addition to that, HW Package Designer, Julian Koiles used Manson’s actual car as the backdrop for the packaging.

To mark the occasion, attendees also got an exclusive autograph sheet and t-shirt to match, as well as this sweet patch — presumably to wear sewn on a vest over said t-shirt while Manson takes you for a ride down Century Blvd. when you visit him in El Segundo??? 😉

Orange Track Diecast

PATCH of the Mason Cheung Dinner Exclusive ’81 DeLorean DMC-12 from the 2019 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention. Photo by Paul Saunders, used with permission.

Friday morning, convention attendees awoke to a new convention car available for sale: the RLC Exclusive Custom Corvette. Despite this being the first year since 2003 that Hot Wheels has not done a RLC Party, the “party car” still went on sale the morning of and convention guests were treated to a Q&A led by Hot Wheels Marketing guru, Jimmy Liu, who was accompanied by Julian Koiles, Manson Cheung and Hot Wheels Designer, Brendan Vetuskey — all of which was streamed live by the Lamley Group, with the exception of the sneaks presentation.

How about the Custom Corvette though? I seriously can’t wait to get one in-hand as this has some of the smoothest Spectraflame Pink paint that I have seen. It also has a thick white stripe in back to differentiate it from the 2005 HWC Series 4 release. I didn’t hear much reaction about this one online, but I am willing to bet most of the collectors at the convention that were clamoring for the O16 cars were met with a satisfying sense of delight.

Orange Track Diecast

RLC Exclusive Custom Corvette from the 2019 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention. Photo by Paul Saunders, used with permission.

With this said, there is only one convention exclusive yet to be released and that comes tomorrow at the convention’s Finale. Strong rumors indicate that we will see the ’66 Dodge A-100 — we will see. As for these two, well, they are must-haves in my book. Fantastic job by all those involved.

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  1. It is a Doge A-100 its a light green color and says route 66 something on the side…. it is just OK, nothing special alot of ppl are dissapointed with the finale car/van . I seen pics of it yesterday at the convention on a distributors cell phone so it is in fact 100% the A100 van…. Still would like to get my hands on one only willing to pay$40-50 tho . I have 2 deloreans in hand and 3 of each pink camaro and bus so im good, no pink corvette but i dont care for that casting and i hateeeee the pink cars to rich for my blood if i ever wanted entire set of pinkies, maybe one day if someone is getting rid of party collection id buy em, lol

  2. Wow. Looks like a great event. Did they say where the nationals would next year. Maybe I could drive to it. Thanks for all the information.

    • Many people bought multiples of the DeLorean whereas the Finale A100 was limited to 1 per person. With 1,300 tickets sold, it was announced that the other 2,700 A100s would be repurposed (most likely as convention code 3 cars).

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