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Retail Now: Collectors land “Hot Wheels Licensed” deals at ALDI Stores

This week, ALDI stores across the U.S. got in shippers/trays of “Hot Wheels Licensed Vehicles” containing #Fast & Furious / Original Fast, #Character Cars (Disney Series 2 & Marvel’s Avengers: End Game) and #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks. It may not seem like anything super exciting, but at the $2.99 price point collectors have flocked to the discount grocer to scoop up the latest wave of #Fast & Furious cars. The $2.99 price point is almost half of the MSRP of $5.49, making for a great deal for those still looking to complete the set, or flip a few for a couple extra bucks. Below are a small snippet of posts I saw in my Instagram feed today.

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5th stop had a good variety I think 😘

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  1. First Aldi I went too only had the wave 1 fast and furious cars. Second one had the second wave (Original)

  2. People must have camped out when they opened up! Out of three stores I found 2 each of the green Eclipse, red 240SX & yellow Skyline. No VW ‘s & no RX7’s left in one store!!!
    Possible some of those stores didn’t put out all cars at one time .. maybe waiting to put more out maybe??.., but it may appear ‘in the knower’s’ found out & attacked!

    • Meant to say the six cars were left at ONE store. Didn’t find ANY VW’s or RX7’s at all! Sorry.

  3. These are specialty items from april 3 to 9 only so that most likely means Aldi will not restock. People like hotwheels_addict going to 7-8 stores buying up every single car just makes your blood boil. If you follow him on IG you can see what a big time scumbag he is.

    • Is that the selfish, “look at what I have” dude who takes photos of his grocery cart full with rows of duplicate cars in which (all ZAMAC’s for example) were raided from the whole dump bin? Greed will catch up!
      I’m wondering when & if this ‘Original Fast’ line will appear in Walmart and/or Target? They can’t be just at Aldi, you know??!!

      • I found a fresh case of the original fast at a local target last weekend, i bought a set and left a set of course the set i left all the cars were coming through the blisters , oh i grabbed a extra volks to crack open its a bad ass casting even has a rollcage inside you can see through the cars tint!

  4. And i agree regarding those idiots that go to several stores, waste tons of gas and need to showcase there “hauls” on youtube or other social media platforms, its soooooo annoying and makes me wanna punch those types in the nut sac , lol. Its funny cuz mainlines are just mainlines to me, they will never be worth a ton of $$ since they are soo mass produced even supers , im focusing more on older RLC and convention releases along with blackwalls and real riders from the 80’s (my childhood)

  5. Found a set at ALDI, didn’t realize they had them, thanks for the heads up Brad!
    My local Walmart must have put some out last night or today, I found one car left on the pegs this afternoon.

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