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Talking Hot Wheels: RLC Urban Outlaw Porsche 964 w/ Magnus Walker Figure

So here is something different… I am flipping the camera around so you can see myself and my local collector friend, Scott, geek-out over the brand new RLC Exclusive: Urban Outlaw Porsche 964 with Magnus Walker figure. This release will surely be a hot piece when it goes on sale March 26 on HotWheelsCollectors.com. Scott was fortunate to get one ahead of time, so we “unbox” that, while looking at some other parts of Scott’s collection. Enjoy!

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  1. Cool video BRAD. Any guy who does a HOTWHEELS video in shorts like Scott did is cool with me. Enjoyed the video. I too believe that the OUTLAW will be $29.99. Magnus has a cool beard. Mines is salty and a wee longer than Scott’s. Keep up the great work BRAD. GOOD LUCK tomorrow,also guys.

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