2019 Hot Wheels “F” Case Assortment SNEAK PEEK

1/31/2019 — Our first look at the #2019 Hot Wheels “F” case assortment comes from JCar Diecast in Houston. While its an International case, it is the first “F” case to show up in the world… and its already here in the United States. Don’t get too excited though as the “E” cases have just started showing up at retail.

Orange Track Diecast has the exclusive pictures of the #2019 Hot Wheels “F” case assortment as all the new cars to the case are seen individually, below. The regular #Treasure Hunt is the #Humvee from the Baja Blazers, and the super is the #Mazda REPU from the #Nightburnerz (not shown). You can see the other 2019 Treasure Hunts in the OTD TrackerNOTE: Sorry for the watermarks as they are there to deter all the image thieves out there.

Special thanks to my friend, Tim Callo who snapped these pictures. He lives in Houston and is a customer/supporter of JCar Diecast.

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  1. WTFFF is up with that batman/scooby doo collab batmobile??? they are pushing the envelope to use that casting as much as they can with al the obsurd recolors…..

  2. I’m still waiting for “E” case.. seems to drag in my parts. Sometimes the stores will sometimes skip a designated assortment. Waiting for the Super Chromes ‘Vette Treasure Hunt… someone got smart to develope that into a TH.. very unique!

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