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Retail Now: 2019 Hot Wheels Character Cars Mix 1 w/ Captain Marvel found at Walmart

11/29/2018 — Resident OTD #Hot Wheels Character Cars contributor, Tim Callo had a pre-internet type of find this morning as he stumbled upon the brand-new Captain Marvel character car from the upcoming Captain Marvel (2019) movie featuring Brie Larson. While this is the #First Edition of this casting, the rest of the mix really leaves something to be desired as they all appear to be re-releases in new packaging. Speaking of the packaging, this first mix of 2019 character cars shows off a newly-shaped blister card, and gone is that slanted bubble that had previously been used for this line. These are hitting stores now as these were found at a Houston-area Walmart this morning. Thanks to Tim for supplying the picture of his finds!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels 2019 Character Cars Mix 1. Marvel Comics: Miles Morales, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel (x2), Hulk, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Groot Go-Kart

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  1. BRAD those are some BA Cars. Thanks for sharing them with us TIM. Glad they are at Walmart’s. Here in JAGVILLE,FLA. We have over 12 Walmart’s that I can checkout. I really want that Captain Marvel (female one) that is a 1st edition. Had a chance to get her action figure off the Internet. Will retry. That Black Panther is BA,also. I also like em all. Thanks for sharing.

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