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Retail Now: BLACK HW 50th Favorites ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser showing up at Walmart

11/10/2018 — Change of plan. Remember that Kroger Exclusive Black #’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser from the #HW 50th Favorites series that was suppose to be turning up at Kroger stores and its affiliates? Yeah, I do because I’ve been checking my local Fry’s Food stores daily, waiting for them to show. It turns out that we may have been chasing a ghost.

While it still may show up at Kroger stores, this black variant of the #’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser from the #HW 50th Favorites series is no longer a Kroger Exclusive as it started appearing at Publix in the southeastern United States (Georgia & Florida) a week (or two) ago. As of yesterday, the southwestern United States (mainly California & Arizona) have seen these pop up at Walmart — yes, Walmart… not Kroger.

Special thanks to Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels for allowing me to share this picture from his @mattchw1 IG account. He found two cases of these last night at a Los Angeles area Walmart. He also shared that the case (of 10) breakdown is as follows: Black ’55 Gasser (2), Magenta ’55 Gasser (1), VW T1 Drag Bus (2), ’78 Dodge Li’l Red Express (1), ’69 Camaro (2) and ’65 Ford Galaxie (2).

So… get out there and hunt! Search your Walmarts, search your Krogers…. search something and have fun!

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  1. yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! i will be LOOKING HARD NOW!!!!!! I dont have a krogers so this makes me EXTREMELY EXCITED!!!!

  2. Both my Kroger’s got the shippers but by the time i found them someone had cleared them out of all the Gassers. This is a terrible way to do an exclusive.

  3. Apparently, my WM got the same shipper as well and they pegged all of them. Once again, all VWs and Gassers were wiped out. These Gassers are going to be more rare than a normal exclusive simply because there isn’t enough of them out.

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