I went to the Hot Wheels Design Center; and now you can too!

11/9/2018 — The Hot Wheels Design Center (HWDC) is the Hot Wheels collector equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, except there has never been a “golden ticket” — until now. See, the HWDC is typically off-limits to collectors and the general public due to the large amount of intellectual property hidden within its walls. I was fortunate to have been one of the few collectors to have seen it in person, and it was everything (and more) that I had thought it to be. Someday, I hope to do an all-access article for OTD, but unfortunately, this trip was not one of them. So… you get pictures of Haul of Flame shuttle — which I did get to ride — AND, the giant orange track sculpture in the lobby — which I got to race a few cars on!

So… if you want to see what happens beyond this point, there is currently only one way to do so: ENTER THE CONTEST to win a trip to visit Hot Wheels HQ in El Segundo, CA.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is HEAD TO THE CONTEST PAGE and upload ONE (1) picture of your collection…. so make sure its a good one! Also, they want you to write a little about you and why your collection is unique. THAT’S IT!

The promo has actually already started (as of 10/14/2018) and will continue through 12/31/2018. So, if you want that shot at getting the tour that is at the top of many collectors’ bucket lists, enter the contest. I’ve also been told that swag and autographs are in order — two things I did not get!

If you’re on Instagram, tag #orangetrackdiecast in your photo as I would love to see your entry! Good luck!

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