Former Toys R Us Exclusive HW 50th Favorites ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser; NOW a KROGER EXCLUSIVE

7/9/2018 — The Hot Wheels Design & Marketing team has been posting a ton of sneak peeks on their Instagram account: @hotwheelsdreamteam. Among those are the two new #’55 Chevy Bel Air Gassers from wave two of the #HW 50th Favorites line. When we got our first peek at the line via the 50th Anniversary Collection Poster, it was announced the black colorway would be a Toys R Us (TRU) exclusive. However, with TRU’s demise and the cars already produced, a new vendor was needed — insert Kroger.

It seems Kroger and Amazon have been picking up the exclusive Hot Wheels pieces after TRU fell. Collectors have responded well to Amazon carrying new Hot Wheels product — oppose to the traditional 3rd party approach they have taken in the past. The Amazon Exclusive 10-Pack sold out in less than 48 hours, and they cannot keep the first wave of the #HW 50th Favorites in stock.

Kroger on the other hand is no stranger to exclusive Hot Wheels product. Despite not having stores in several regions of the United States, the Kroger brand does reach a good majority of the country, carrying a good variety of product through all of its subsidiaries. Wave two of the #HW 50th Favorites promises to be hot so we will let you know here when they start hitting. After all, its kind of a “Big Deal”…

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  1. Only 1 QFC here and they’ve had exclusive cars once back in 2015 so we’re very close to dropping HW collecting for something we can actually buy in stores

  2. A buddy some some of the displays today but there did not seem to be any exclusive Gassers in them. (One store sold them to him for 89 cents each as they did not have the pricing in their system yet)

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