Hot Wheels 50th Favorites WAVE 2 showing up now on AMAZON!

11/8/2018 — The HW 50th Favorites have been hard to find for many. Fortunately, Amazon has the elusive 2nd wave online currently for $5.49 & Free Shipping (at the time of posting this). Links are below. Enjoy!

#6/10 – Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus

#7/10 – ’78 Dodge Lil Red Express

#8/10 – ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

#9/10 – ’69 Camaro

#10/10 – ’65 Ford Galaxie

Links for the first wave are >>> HERE.

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  1. As far as the black variant of the ’55 Gasser goes… Toys R Us was a huge chain that ordered product in large quantities. I have no doubt that there were many, many of the black gassers made. They may be hard to find now, but just wait. Sometime in December or January, they will likely start showing up at many Kroger, Walgreens, and Ollie’s stores. The people that are paying $200 each, are going to kick themselves when they are see several at a time, and are going for only $15-20. Gonna happen, just wait. The hype is only happening because they are new to the market. You’ll see…

    • Oh yeah, I am right there with you. The majority of Kroger and Kroger affiliates haven’t even put these out yet. Price is already starting to come down… not sure who is paying $150 to $200 for one of these, and what their justification is.

    • Remember when people were paying $40 for a mainline A-Team van? They went down to $2 as soon as they hit mass market about 3 weeks later.

      • Yeah, every new release has a pattern like this. Thats why I often refer to it as “gotta-have-it-now” syndrome.

  2. Btw, congratulations on such a great site. I check your page every day. I used to run Hot Wheels – Atlanta on fb, until I got tired of fb. I used to link to your page regularly for news (and gave proper credit as well). I eventually grew tired of fb, and deleted all of my posts, and several hundred photo posts. I then turned it over to 3 other people, and removed myself as owner/mod. I love the fact that this a collector oriented site, with no “for sale” listings, no scalper glorification, and has genuinely great write-ups and pictorials. Thanks for the hard work!

  3. i really enjoy your site as well. i am deeply faithful here. theres just stuff that you write about that i cant find anywhere else. now, on the subject at hand… the only one i am missing is the red express truck and yes these are extremely hard to find!!!!

  4. Thing with this is finding them,here in Canada we have vultures who take them by the box so you can;t find them,unless you pay through the nose for them from this rip off creeps.

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