9/5/2018 — We didn’t get much notice before the last Kmart Collectors Day event in February, and it appears that will be the case again. No reason has been given as to why Mattel doesn’t give more of a notice, but it does appear the next one will keep with tradition and be later this month. On Saturday, September 22, 2018 October 20, 2018, collectors will once again make the seemingly longer pilgrimage to a local Kmart to open brand-new cases with other collectors in search of new cars, #Kmart Exclusives and of course #Treasure Hunts.

As of Thursday, September 16 October 4, Kmart has these cases for sale via their website. You can buy them >> HERE … make sure to follow Orange Track Diecast on social media as well, as we will alert you with anymore updates.

UPDATED 9/11/2018 — I received word today that the September Kmart Collector’s Day has been PUSHED BACK TO OCTOBER. No date yet as details are still being confirmed.

UPDATED 9/12/2018 — Exclusive color releases added. No update on date or further details.

UPDATED 9/28/2018 — Event date of October 20 has been confirmed by multiple Kmart store managers. No official word from Mattel.

UPDATED 10/4/2018Cases for sale online, NOW!

UPDATED 10/8/2018 — Link to mail-in for ’66 Batmobile is >> HERE

UPDATED 10/11/2018 — Link to HWC article >> HERE


2018 HW EXOTICS: Lamborghini Muira Homage (blue)

2018 HW SPORTS: Chevy Blazer 4×4 (brown)

2018 HW ART CARS: ’09 Ford Focus RS (white)

2018 HW SPEED GRAPHICS: ’68 Mercury Cougar (yellow)


2019 BAJA BLAZERS: ’15 Land Rover Defender Double Cab

2019 GAME OVER: Rip Rod

2019 HW ROADSTERS: Lamborghini Reventón Roadster


’66 TV Series Batmobile

Image courtesy of Mattel.

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    • Apparently thats why there is no official announcement yet. They are still finalizing the list of participating stores. See above for mail-in promo car.

  1. Oh man! Need a date! Pronto! Lol I’ll keep an eye for the update, hope it’s soon. 2 Kmarts within 30 miles of me; I’ll drive to either one!

  2. All 4 of those K-day exclusive recolors are all awesome.👍 I will be getting all 4 of those at the hotwheels k-day event.👍

  3. I just came from kmart they told me that they wasn’t having it today they didn’t know anything about it
    So I say kmart can bite me am I mad yeah Hotwheels need to do better with sending emails

  4. Brad think you for replying I was walking around the store looking like a shoplifter
    I hope they send make the right date this time and hope they make some
    TH available because the last one they had no TH at all
    Thanks again

  5. I stopped by our local K-mart and spoke with the woman who handles the event and has been doing so for at least the last 4 years and she stated that she had just received and email from Corporate that the event has been moved to November and that there was no mention of the September one being moved to October. So it seems there is still not a firm date and if that is true that means only 2 K-Day events in 2018

  6. Will Kmart have cases made available to buy online for those of us who no longer live near a Kmart, for the Collector Even that is suppose to take place Oct. 20, 2018 now?

  7. Since they changed the date from Sept. 16 to Oct. 14, will the receipts with a purchase date of Oct. 4 still work for the mail in?

  8. Got my cases today, Q case. One case had the Cruelle De Vil Super. I clicked the link to order the mail in batmobile but it doesnt work.

  9. I wasn’t able to order a case on 10/4 so i’ve been checking every day. People were leaving messages and Kmart responded that the cases would be available on 10/14. Now it seems the page has been removed. As usual, does not seem to be very well organized.

  10. Newbie question here – does the receipt to be sent in for the mail-away NEED to be dated 10/20? Or can it be dated as of any date between now and when the promotion ends? Just trying to make sure I know what’s up since the closest KMart is 30+ miles away. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  11. If you purchase a case from on the 4th of October and the promotion doesn’t start until either the 14th or the 20th…..and my receipt says 4th of october….is it still valid?…..the receipt says its for the kmart day 36 bundle cases…

  12. All this convoluted information, supplied and altered by Kmart, means more signs the company will probably fold. It’s just getting worse & worse.. sad because Kmart HW’s KDays events will truly be unlike any other event for collectors.
    Unless Target gets things straight, maybe they’ll be the go-to place for collectors if Kmart/ Sears close up!

  13. everybody that got kmart cases before the 14th, you wont be able to get the mail-in car. somebody said mattel will not honor the receipts if they are before the 14th.

  14. just got my case today. the “first to market” is kind of funny as I bought all 3 of those last week at Walmart. No TH but I like the Blue Lambo, Cougar & Focus. Can’t wait to get the batmobile from the mail in

    • The first to market cars would have actually been first to market had the original Sept 22 date of the event, held true. Can’t wait for that batmobile mail-in as well!

  15. The RLC has updated the promo page to reflect the original dates listed at Kmart beginning 9/23. So cases bought on the 4th will be good for the promo.

  16. John L. so what you are saying the case I purchase on the 4th and received on the 8th is still good for the Kmart Mail-in Batmobile? If So….can you post the link to the Promo page?…Thank you

  17. Received my two Kmart cases yesterday. Both are QAC cases and one had the Cruella super! First super from a K-day case I have seen in the past couple of years!

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