Hot Wheels Display Case NOW ON SALE!

8/13/2018 — The long awaited Hot Wheels Display Case is now available on Amazon! Priced at $50 and coming with an exclusive ’83 Chevy Silverado in Hot Wheels Race Team livery, this will surely be hot. Hopefully these last longer than the Amazon Exclusive 10-Packs, I wouldn’t wait… ORDER NOW!

UPDATE 11/5/2018 — The Hot Wheels Display Case is now available on as well.

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UPDATE 8/20/2018 — Mine came in the mail Friday. I’ve already taken the liberty of filling it up with my Hot Wheels Mini Cooper collection.

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  1. Sold out already it says. On sale June 15. Typical of matel to let its RLC members know of products while they are available.
    Thanks for trying! Seriously, not meant at sarcasm toward you at all, thank you for posting something .

    • One of the reasons I started to site… I wanted to share with other collectors when this kind of product becomes available. Thanks for following the site!

  2. I will be looking for this hotwheels 50th anniversary display case when it comes out in the stores.👍

  3. Hahaha. People mad over not getting a hunk of plastic to but their toy cars in. Wish I had those kind of problems. LOL

    • Hahaha. People with such small lives that they need go out of their way to rag on other people’s hobbies and interests. LOL

  4. They have two up for sale but at $109!!!!! These people make me not want to continue in this hobby. I know it’s just s display case and what not but it’s made for Collectors not scalpers. And the custom ‘83 Chevy is what gets these scalpers to gouge em. I’m seriously debating on walking away.

    • Well good thing you follow this awesome website and you have the “insider knowledge” that these are still in production at Mattel. These will be all over the place in a month, so be patient. Don’t pay scalper prices. The way I look at it is, you haven’t had one of these for the first 50 years of Hot Wheels, so whats another month.

  5. I am a carded collector,so a display case was not high on my list. Now that I have a few RLC Car Culture cars with cracked blisters I plan on getting about 2. One to use now and one for later. The Silverado is selling for more than the case is for by itself. I believe I read earlier that Walmart was going to sell them also. I personally believe that these will be plentiful later. So I can do with or with one for now and wait till later. Has Walmart started selling the cases yet? So BRAD thanks for the great article as usual.

  6. Just ordered two on Amazon. I refuse to pay those scalper prices, especially after they take the truck out of it and then have the nerve to try and get $100 for one.

  7. Just like most of you, I just want the display case. The truck doesn’t interest me, but no way in Hell will I put money in the pocket of a scalper, so I’ll just wait until someone is tired of sitting on their “Bricks” and starts dumping them or they end up back on the shelves as returns! LOL!

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