Display Case from the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in Chicago

7/28/2018 — The Hot Wheels Legends Tour has been stopping at Walmarts (across the U.S.) all summer long, facilitating a 1:1 car show at each stop. The stops have brought out all kinds of crazy custom cars, from all genres — with hopes of being scaled down into a real Hot Wheels car — and a few celebrities have made appearances.

At these events, Mattel has set up several display cases full of past and future product. At the Chicago area stop on July 14th, Hot Wheels collector Leonardo (@CarzCollector on IG) snapped a picture of the last regular treasure hunt for 2018, the Crate Racer, which will appear in the 2018 Hot Wheels “Q” case assortments.

He also spotted a red Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 which is presumably from the 2019 Hot Wheels mainline.

Orange Track Diecast

Upcoming 2019 Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline. Picture from Leonardo, @carzcollector on IG. Used with permission.

What future product do you see?…

Orange Track Diecast

….please feel free the comment below with what you can pull out of these pictures.

Orange Track Diecast

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  1. Saw a picture someone took at another location. There is a yellow ’69 Mustang Boss 302 and a yellow ’70 Charger R/T that appear to be coming for 2019.

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