HWC Original 16: Cheetah, NOW ON SALE!

7/31/2018 — By the time the Hot Wheels Cheetah was released in 1968, it was renamed the Python. The Cheetah name only existed in a TV commercial and on a handful of prototypes. Thankfully, those behind the scenes at HWC were able to secure the original “Cheetah” license so you can now have a replica of the original O16 car, with the name it was intended to have. The Cheetah went on sale earlier today, Tuesday, July 31st at 9AM PST — exclusively for RLC members. It features spectraflame red paint and a matte black roof. It is limited to 4,000 pieces, and is priced at $19.99 + S&H. For complete information, make sure you check out the article on!

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