RWB Porsche 930 coming to Hot Wheels Car Culture in 2019

7/27/2018 — Hot Wheels fans — whether you know the RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) family or not — you will be getting a taste of the brand that customizes 1:1 Porsches, in 2019. One of the members of said family, Christian Coujin (@christiancoujin on IG), has been posting Hot Wheels teasers all week as he traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the 7th Annual Art of Speed Event. He is like a real life “Wilson” from the TV series, Home Improvement, as the guy doesn’t show his complete face in any photos of him, but the product his team puts out is on another level.

Christian started off the week by posting the 3D Printout of the upcoming RWB Porsche that was provided to him by the Hot Wheels Dream Team at Mattel.

Then, we got a peek at the 1:1 Porsche he brought to the event, along with some cool swag.

After all that, he dropped the last piece which will be the RWB Porsche 930 that will be appearing in the 2019 Car Culture line.

It sounds like there will be more RWB cars from Hot Wheels, but if this is any indication of the product we can expect, Hot Wheels collectors are going to be a very happy group come 2019 — and, if you’re strictly a Porsche diecast collector, well…. you must be in Heaven.

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