50 Years of Hot Wheels by AussieHotWheelsCollector

6/21/2018 — Hey guys, meet Reece. He is an avid Hot Wheels Collector from down under. Even though he is from Australia — a country that some Hot Wheels product lines can be hard to come by — that hasn’t stopped Reece from collecting what he likes. His favorite Hot Wheels castings include the Shelby Daytona Coupe, Ford GT LM, Ford GT-40, Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, ’17 Ford GT and the ’16 Ford GT Race — I sense a theme there. Being an Aussie, he also has an affinity for the Ford Falcon as he has collections of the ’73 Ford Falcon XB and the Ford Falcon Race Car. I have known Reece for a couple years now from our time working on the Hot Wheels Wiki together. He is very passionate and a great resource, but that leads me to the point of today’s post. The other day he posted this on his Instagram account: @aussiehotwheelscollector.

I was so enamored with this fantastic photo — as it obviously took a lot of time and effort to put together — that I reached out to Reece and asked him if I could share it here. He obliged sending me the original that you’ll find down below (so you can enlarge & view it more closely). He took one casting from every year (1968 to 2018) and lined them up chronologically. He used the first issue of some of his favorite castings from the mainline, but also tried to get a good mix of #Unlicensed Hot Wheels in there as well. Below you’ll find a list of whats in the photo, enjoy!

Orange Track Diecast

50 Years of Hot Wheels. Photo by Reece Brennan (@aussiehotwheelscollector on IG). Used with permission.

BACK ROW: Silhouette (1968) β€’ Twin Mill (1969) β€’ Mantis (1970) β€’ Six Shooter (1971) β€’ Open Fire (1972) β€’ Double Header (1973) β€’ Rodger Dodger (1974) β€’ Vega Bomb (1975) β€’ Neet Streeter (1976) β€’ Spoiler Sport (1977) β€’ Lickety Six (1978) β€’ Greased Gremlin (1979) β€’ Turbo Mustang (1980) β€’ Miranda Stocker (1981) β€’ Cadillac Seville (1982)

THIRD ROW:Β Classic Cobra (1983) β€’ ’65 Mustang Convertible (1984) β€’ Jet Sweep X5 (1985) β€’ Fangster (1986) β€’ Phantomachine (1987) β€’ Porsche 959 (1988) β€’ Ferrari F40 (1989) β€’ Probe Funny Car (1990) β€’ Mazda MX-5 Miata (1991) β€’ Flashfire (1992) β€’ Oscar Mayer Wienermobile (1993) β€’ No Fear Race Car (1994) β€’ Power Pipes (1995)

SECOND ROW:Β Road Rocket (1996) β€’ ’70 Plymouth Barracuda (1997) β€’ Whatta Drag (1998) β€’ Screamin’ Hauler (1999) β€’ Surf Crate (2000) β€’ Evil Twin (2001) β€’ Midnight Otto (2002) β€’ ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge (2003) β€’ ’64 Chevy Impala (2004) β€’ ’63 Corvette Sting Ray (2005) β€’ Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (2006) β€’ Ferrari 599 GTB (2007) β€’ Carbonator (2008)

FRONT ROW:Β Ford GT LM (2009) β€’ ’73 Ford Falcon XB (2010) β€’ Astro Funk (2011) β€’ Mars Rover Curiosity (2012) β€’ ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser (2013) β€’ LaFerrari (2014) β€’ ’70 Ford Escort RS1600 (2015) β€’ ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car (2016) β€’ Porsche 934.5 (2017) β€’ Porsche 917 LH (2018)

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