2018 Hot Wheels Kroger Exclusives Revealed! (UPDATED 8/30)

5/1/2018 — The #2018 Hot Wheels mainline #Kroger Exclusives have been revealed courtesy of They should be included in the “J” case assortments which will be hitting Kroger affiliates soon. Bookmark this article and check back here for updates.

UPDATE 8/30/2018 — These are showing up now at Krogers in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington). Look for them soon!

’63 Chevy II – HW FLAMES (BLACK)

Image courtesy of Mattel.


Tour de Fast – HW SPORTS (GOLD)

Image courtesy of Mattel.




Image courtesy of Mattel.


Image courtesy of Mattel.

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  1. Those new Kroger exclusive car’s coming out are all awesome.👍 I don’t have Kroger where I live. So the only way I will be able to get these is if I can find them at a car show or at a toy show or a good deal online. Otherwise I won’t be able to get these.

    • Kroger is a huge chain of stores with many different names. Where I live there are no “Krogers”, but we have “Fred Meyers” which is part of the Kroger chain, so we get the Kroger exclusives there. Check Krogers’ website for affiliate stores near you.

    • Most likely not – this is about the time of year that Kroger usually gets some exclusive Hot Wheels colors of the mainline models.

  2. I found 5 different exclusives at our fredmeyers this week but cannot locate the complete list you had posted for all the 2018 store exclusives? Can you please send me the link to that thread?

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