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These releases are exclusive to Kroger its subsidiaries: Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Food 4 Less, Baker’s, City Market, Harris Teeter, Dillons, Ralphs, Smith’s, Owen’s, Foods Co., Jay C, QFC, Gerbes, Pay Less and King Soopers.

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Collection Update: The ’91 GMC Syclone is the next sought after modern truck from Hot Wheels; Prove me wrong!

Released just last year, the #’91 GMC Syclone now has seven variants. In this family are a #Walmart Exclusive #ZAMAC, a #Target Exclusive premium, and a fresh #Kroger Exclusive in yellow. Suffice to say this little buttkicker from the ’90s may be destined for quite an epic collection […]

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Peanuts Series: BONE SHAKER

The #Bone Shaker has been a staple of the Hot Wheels brand since it was introduced in 2006. The #Peanuts comic strip ran in newspapers across the United States for 50 years. Both meet here as the latest release of the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker features the famous […]

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Hot Wheels Halloween: GHOSTBUSTERS ECTO-1

Welcome to October Hot Wheels world! The month of October typically plays host to the Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles, another new year of Hot Wheels with the “A” cases hitting stores, and some sort of Halloween series appearing in shippers. With the convention this week and […]

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Scavenger Hunt Special Edition: MAELSTROM

The last couple years, Hot Wheels has been releasing Scavenger Hunt Special Editions as #Kroger Exclusives. Not to be confused with #Treasure Hunts, these Scavenger Hunt vehicles are usually tied into a promotion at Kroger stores and its subsidiaries. Packaged in the normal mainline cases, these cars are not tied […]

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Hot Wheels Halloween: HIWAY HAULER 2

Another Halloween is upon us. Friends of mine, have all types of “rituals” they do. Those rituals used to consist of going to costume parties and drinking, but have now transitioned into taking the kids trick or treating and watching scary movies. Back in September my local Fry’s Food Store, a Kroger brand store, released […]