Buying Hot Wheels Orange Track in Bulk

02/12/2018 — From time to time I hear the question, “Where can I buy orange Hot Wheels track in bulk?” Not since Hot Wheels offered the 50 ft. rolls of track has there been an opportunity to purchase such a large quantity of track, and with collectors buying up the Super 6-Lane Raceways it presents a great chance to extend those raceways we all love to play on.

Thanks to my friends over at, courtesy of user “LeagueofSpeed”, I have been made aware of such a track pack made for just that — extending track sets! The Car & Mega Track Pack consists of 31 pieces of long orange track, 12 pieces of standard orange track and 43 connectors — oh, and a car. You can buy these now on Amazon for $19.99-shipped if you’re a prime member, which comes out to 50¢ per foot! So now is the perfect opportunity to turn those Super 6-Lane Raceways into a “MEGA RACEWAY” for your whole Hot Wheels club to enjoy.


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  1. I’ve bought two of these, but gifted them both away to nephews before I could play with them myself. I set up a nice track for one nephew, and the included car was a rocket; way faster than any other car we could put down it. Will buy one for myself soon

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