New International Exclusive “GOLD CAR” shows up in Europe

02/11/2018 — The Hot Wheels surprises keep coming as even the “gold cars” that have been used for international exclusives (mail-ins, in-store promos, etc.) have received a 50th Anniversary upgrade. Thanks to @bellottsdiecast on Instagram for posting the newest #Pass’n Gasser he found at retail in Italy for 2€ — promotion is buy 2 cars at 1€ each, get the “gold car” for 0.01€.

While the #Pass’n Gasser is one of my favorite Hot Wheels castings, I’m sure most collectors are drawn to the gold drag racing Christmas tree that is included on the blister card — certainly a first for Hot Wheels! Also, the absence of a “J” hook on top of the cards means are intending for promotional use, not to be hung on pegs for sale.

Time will tell if this will remain an international exclusive, or if we will see this new drag racing Christmas tree somewhere else. As for this collector and this international exclusive #Pass’n Gasser … the hunt is on! To all my European readers out there: Make sure to keep an eye out for this one.

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