2018 Red Line Club Membership goes on sale TUESDAY 2/13

02/11/2018 — The 2018 Red Line Club (RLC) Membership goes on sale this Tuesday (2/13). Current RLC members AND those looking to enroll will all be given a shot starting at 9:00 AM PST.

This year, the game has certainly changed as the membership is drastically different in comparison to recent years. Gone is the multi-tier membership as this one is now all-encompassing covering all benefits and having an awesome “classic” price at $24.99+S&H — the same price it was in 2002!

With the 2018 RLC Membership, you get the 2018 RLC Membership Car, the increasingly popular, #Datsun Bluebird 510 which alone, would retail at $20. In addition to that, you get a patch and metal collector button (of the Datsun). And then there are the benefits of: priority window on all sales, #RLC exclusive cars, rewards cars, free shipping (with purchase over $49) AND my favorite benefit, being able to vote in the sELECTIONs process, where the RLC Members collectively design RLC-only release through a series of polls.


There was some speculation about the RLC membership being unlimited this year but it does appear to be capped at 17,500 — which is the production run on the #Datsun Bluebird 510 membership car. and the RLC have had a tumultuous past with collectors as many are (even to this day) still waiting on their HWC Series 14 cars and their RLC Rewards cars from last year. Many collectors have left, many have stayed, so it will be interesting to see when the 2018 RLC Membership does indeed sell out. Personally, I expect the memberships to go fast, given that the car itself will probably be resold for more than the cost of the membership AND membership is by email address, which means 1 collector can have several accounts with memberships. You can bet the profiteers will be out in full-force on this one so don’t delay on getting your membership.

Given the upcoming releases, 2018 figures to be a great year for all collectors. So sign up, stop by the HWC forums and say hello. I’ll be there to greet you. Cheers to 2018!

For more detailed information, make sure you check out the 2018 RLC Membership article on!

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  1. Hi, just found this site how often do you have a chance to sign up? I’ve seen some of the cars you have and absolutely love them.
    Really am interested . Thank You

  2. Hey Michael. I believe the 2018 RLC Membership sold out about a month ago. Sorry to say but you’ll probably have to wait (to sign up) until early 2019.

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