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Retail Now: Japan Historics Series 2 hits U.S. Walmarts, and a Simpsons Entertainment surprise

01/08/2018 — The Car Culture / Japan Historics Series 2 have started to hit U.S. Walmarts. With collectors in Florida, Georgia and Alabama finding them as early as last Friday, and collectors in California and Texas reporting finding them Sunday, these are now in-stock at 20% of Walmarts nationwide and by the end of the week, that percentage should be a lot highly — only to disappear of course from the pegs of course. Its arguably the hottest Car Culture series to date as it follows the hype — and the prices — of the first Japan Historics set released at the beginning of 2016.

UPDATE 01/09/2018: JH2 is also hitting at Target as well (got mine last night!).
Target DPCI = 087-07-5547
Walmart SKU = 805984709

Along with this, collectors are reporting finding a single new Replica Entertainment car: The Simpsons Family Sedan, which has never been in the Entertainment line before. It appears the cases these come in will solely feature this model as all 10 spots are dedicated to this model.

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