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Retail Now: What is with those reddish orange street date labels on Hot Wheels cases?

1/7/2018 — Have you noticed that the new 2018 Hot Wheels “C” & “D” case assortments, along with the new Walmart Exclusive Camaro Series have the reddish orange labels on them that say “DO NOT PLACE ON SHELF PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 1, 2017”? Well, that is because those cases contain the #’18 Camaro SS casting, whose real-life 1:1 counterpart was set to be unveiled on October 25, 2017. In order for the casting to not be revealed ahead of time, these labels were placed on the assortments as a precaution. Fortunately, these cases started hitting in the U.S. past that date so the surprise was never blown and the Hot Wheels casting was unveiled before the actual car. Since international cases appear in places like Malaysia, months ahead of the U.S., the Muscle Mania (2018 New Model): ’18 Camaro SS was actually not included in international assortments.

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