Behind the scenes at the Hot Wheels Design Center

06/26/2017 — Its a dreamers paradise and the holy grail of field trips for any Hot Wheels collectors — the Hot Wheels Design Center. Previously, there have been glimpses into what actually goes on there through various articles and videos that have surfaced. Recently however, two online bloggers — yeah, I am still waiting for my invite — have been given access to the design center.

The first was Petrolicious on June 5th. Writer Marc Levitz was able to have a sit-down Q&A with Hot Wheels Designers, Jun Imai and Ryu Asada. Through a myriad of beautiful images and well-thought-out questions, Marc’s tour is enough to make anyone jealous and it gets deep into the design process — and, if you look closely, you may even see some unreleased cars in those images.

On Saturday, Speedhunters writer Larry Chen posted his article detailing his experience in the holy land known as the Design Center. Larry’s article gives you a nice tour of the building itself, including the environment that cultivates these magical toy cars that we all love to crave.

These are both great articles that are extremely well-written so you should definitely take the time to read them. In addition to the articles is the video the Need for Speed video game team put out on March 28th. In this video, Jun gives you a personal tour of the Hot Wheels Design Center.

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  1. I own a monster truck hotwheels made a toy after years ago, It was called caddiac arrest. Who do I contact to do this again as I changed the name to soulcollector. thanks terry

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